Miami: @ Art Basel Miami Beach | Public

A peaceful Tuesday night in Collins Park.The VIP guests of the private reception of Art Basel Miami Beach are gone to the parties and only few locals are walking around in the park which is now transformed into a public exhibition space.  The marks of the private opening are being removed and the park is […]

Berlin: @ Gallery Diehl CUBE | Elana Katz

I was five when my grandfather died in the hospital. I felt to be madly cheated on. How can everyone not see that this unfamiliar figure is not him? I considered all parties involved as blind and refused to go to the funeral. I remember avoiding ‘The Cemetery’ for years. I imagined it as a […]

Berlin: @ Museum für Fotografie | Helmut Newton: Paris Berlin

Yesterday night was the opening of the retrospective exhibition of Helmut Newton’s works. They were on display last summer at the Grand Palais of Paris for the first time. In his biography, Helmut Newton reveals that his images are pure and free from manipulation. He says “Nothing has been retouched, nothing electronically altered. I photographed what […]

Barcelona: @ Museo Picasso

Barcelona is great just off season. I was cycling around town in the sunshine, stopping only for tapas, Gaudi, the beach and Picasso. I think it was at the show ‘Picasso and Marie-Therese: L’amour fou’ at the Gagosian Gallery in New York when I became really fascinated by Picasso. His various, bright colours, sweeping brush […]

Berlin: Martin Kippenberger @ Hamburger Bahnhof

Martin Kippenberger must have been good fun. This is what I thought when I saw his works in an exhibition in Hamburg for the first time. There was this immense number of fairly entertaining letters addressed to Gisela Stelly, a film director and wife of a prominent journalist who he was dreaming of for two […]